Interior Painting

Paint quality is first and foremost. Choosing eco-friendly painting products are safe and come in a variety of colors. Paint needs to have a proper thickness and filtered for impurities. For paint to run it needs consistency. We do custom color matching.


Before any interior paint is started again, prepping is the most important. First all gaps, holes and cracks must be filled and repaired and all walls must be sanded before final coat. New drywall must be patched and properly sealed before painting. Primer applied and dried fully and then paint can be applied.

Ceiling Repairs

When thinking about the ceilings in your home, there is a lot of questions to think about. Ceilings when textured are best to spray. If you are thinking of flat ceilings, then brush and roll is the best option. But most important is covering your working environment and protecting your furnishings and investment.

Water Damage Repairs

No one wants to think about the damage that water can cause in a home. We understand and know what damage water can cause. Water damage if not taken care of immediately can cause mould and mildew and becomes a sever health problem. Water damage repairs in ceilings are our specialty.

Drywall Repairs

When drywall is damaged the best thing to do is cut damaged area and replace with new drywall. If drywall is damaged from a leaky ceiling, make sure all leaks are stopped and remove all debris. If drywall damage is on exterior walls then all insulation must be removed and replaced.

Ceiling Texture

Texture takes skill and ability. To run the machine, maintain it and the quality of product, mixture and consistency. Texture comes in different sizes and texture effects.


Advantages of spray painting means the person whom is spraying must be experienced and knowledgeable about spraying. Spraying takes skill and know how about pressure and tip sizes. Sprayer machine must be maintained and cleaned as well as oiled to get perfect spray quality.
Disadvantages are un-experienced sprayers, who spray without proper sprayer upkeep and maintenance. Sprayers may leave overspray which may drop down on the paint and leave a rougher looking paint effect.


A good quality brush is very important. To cut with a brush takes a steady qualified painter. Brush technique and size of brush is important to your job you are doing. Paint thickness is important. Clients have said we are a cut above others.


First let us start by removing lint from your roller sleeve. A professional roll job is all about the quality and consistency of paint on the roller sleeve.